The French Indochina Tour

Hanoi, Ba Be, Dong Van, Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi, Coc Pai, Bac Ha, Sapa, Sin Ho, Dien Bien Phu, Son La, Pu Luong, Hanoi (12 Days)

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This great adventure takes in a huge swathe of north Vietnam.  Initially travelling through lush green valleys of rice and Jungle, where we can swim in lakes and rivers and enjoy winding quiet tracks and trails before climbing up onto the Dong Van Karst Plateau, a rocky landscape where tribes work hard growing crops.  Once north, we’ll spend many days exploring areas that are just perfect for motorbikes.  This region bordering Yunnan province, China takes you back in time to a slower more relaxed pace of life.

Along the way we’ll visit a H’mong palace built, remains of French forts, textile markets, opium villages and the famous city of Dien Bien Phu where the Viet Minh finally ended the French colonial presence in Indochina among many other sites.  We’ll also ride some of the most famous passes in Vietnam as we climb to places such as Sapa the City in the Clouds a mountain village turned retreat by the French to escape the heat of summer down in the Hanoi delta.

Your Adventure

The French Colonial Tour is a 9-12 day adventure which takes in most of north Vietnam, skirting the Chinese and Laotian borders taking in some of the most famous historical sites from the French Colonial periods.

The French Colonial Tour is a 12-day adventure which takes in most of the north of Vietnam, following the Chinese his tour as with all tours can be changed to suit the group, with everything from winding small mountain roads and paths to the full off-road experience with river crossings and buffalo trails.  The routes are flexible and can be changed at a moment’s notice, depending on what you’d like or enjoying the most.  The routes change through the year, depending what there is to see each season and we’ll often take a route in the opposite direction to take advantage of the best weather forecast or season.

Our accommodation will be a mix of Hotels,where we can walk into town for dinner to taste some local specialties and Vietnamese stilt houses where the families will put on a delicious spread of home cooked dishes.

Please see the map to the right which illustrates our route on this tour:


Tour Cost per person in US$

Days on tour Minsk 125 Honda XR 150 Honda CRF 250 Honda CB 500X
9 days 8 nights $ 1,800 $ 1,980 $ 2,160 $ 2,340
10 days 9 nights $ 2,000 $ 2,200 $ 2,400 $ 2,600
11 days 10 nights $ 2,200 $ 2,420 $ 2,640 $ 2,860
12 days 11 nights $ 2,400 $ 2,640 $ 2,880 $ 3,120

What's Included

A deposit of 10% per person is required at the booking stage and final payment two months before your Tour.

For groups of eight riders or more, we will provide a complimentary backup support vehicle to carry all your gear for the whole tour which will meet us at our accommodation each night.


Not Included: