Best bikes on tour in Vietnam:

Whether you are looking for an adventure to escape the modern world, riding country lanes and tracks through the Vietnamese countryside or to test your skills along the buffalo trails, through rivers and where there are no roads at all the Belarussian Minsk and Honda dirt bikes are prefect for the job.

The Minsk

The Minsk is a part of Vietnamese history, it’s gone from replacing the buffalo as a beast of burden to becoming a cult brand and a symbol of freedom for adventurers and explorers across South East Asia.  It’s has had a resurgence in recent years with a new generation modifying them and racing them in stubble field events.  Hailing from the same set of German plans that formed the basis of the Harley-Davison Hummer and BSA Bantum the Minsk is a true blue blood. 

Our Minsk Bikes are fitted with four stroke Honda engines, so you get the full experience of riding a Minsk but without the smoke and noise.  This also means that we don’t impact on the peaceful communities and villages we pass through during our adventure.  

Nearly all of our Tour Veterans fall in love with their Minsk and the attention they attract along the way, the locals love to see foreigners exploring on Minsk, which is all part of the enjoyment.

Honda XR150’s and CRF250’s

With changes to import tax and local laws, within only a few years there has been an great increase in the number of modern bikes arriving in Vietnam, they’re a great choice for those seeking a more challenging adventure.

The Honda 150cc bike, in my opinion is the perfect bike for here, it has enough power and we are able to tackle everything Vietnam has to offer, however if you feel you need a bit more grunt or are a heavier person the CRF250 maybe better for you.  Always remember we won’t be racing, there is far too much to see, we also don’t want to create a negative impact on where we ride which would no doubt bring in laws restricting motorbike travel.  There will of course be lots of places where we an open up and have some fun away from villages or other traffic.