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A Land Forgotten
Ethnic Tribes and Medieval Agriculture will whisk you away from the hectic pace of the modern world ...
Access All Areas ...
And enjoy the adventure of a life time ....
Don't forget your smile
Friendly locals will have you beaming from ear to ear ...
Ride the Beaches in the DMZ
Vietnam has over 3,000km of sandy beaches to enjoy ...
Great Hospitality
Enjoy the warm and friendly hospitality, mouth watering food and learn some of the customs of the Ethnic Tribal Groups we'll stay with along the way ...
Enjoy the Mud
Test yourself in the mountains on the sturdy Belorussian Minsk ...
Wet, wet, wet
Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls abound, with plenty of great opportunities to take a dip, swim and cool off ...
Jungles of Central Vietnam
Ride the Ho Chi Minh trail to Khe Sanh air base, the Au Shau Valley and Climb Hamburger Hill
Vietnamese Long Boats
"Where we're going we don't need roads" (Doc Emmett Brown)
Central Vietnam
The Jungles and Central Highlands will bring out the smiles in all of you ...
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Vietnam is with good reason one of the world’s most sought-after countries to go on a Motorbike Adventure right now.  With a ride anywhere attitude and the ability to explore mountain passes, hidden lush valleys, thousands of miles of sandy coastline, ride deep into the darkest jungles and travel back in time into remote tribal regions on buffalo trails where crops are still cultivated by hand, medieval tools are still in use and houses are built of bamboo and straw it really is a fantastic region to discover. 

With a unique knowledge of riding motorbikes in Vietnam we design each tour to fit your requirements either on road, off road, a mix of both and will run the tour to meet your skill level.  We’ll spend the majority of our tour in remote rural regions amongst the locals discovering the rich history, cultures and delicious food.  We’ll be staying with Vietnamese families in traditional stilt houses or at resorts and a choice of some of the best hotels in each area, evenings will be as enjoyable as your days.  Our mechanics and additional guides are Vietnamese so you’ll have a great experience riding with them in their country and learning more insights tourists don’t usually experience.

Travel by bike truly is king here and escaping onto the quiet back roads of Vietnam for a few weeks will feel like a month away from the hectic pace of modern life and the increasingly invasive technology. 

We can also provide information on all aspects of your trip here, seasons, travel, visa’s, vaccinations and when best to visit depending on where you are from an what you’d like to see and experience.

Motorbike Adventures Vietnam Tours Minsk Motorcycle Karst Mountains

Magnificent Machines

Whether you prefer On Road, Off Road or a mix of both, choose a Classic Minsk or one of our Honda's you're going to love the freedom to ride anywhere in Vietnam. Click Magnificent Machines to take a look at Our Bikes page.

Motorbike Adventures Vietnam Tours Homestay

Enchanting Homestays

You'll enjoy your evenings as much as your days, you'll stay in a mix of some of the best Vietnamese stilt houses, Hotels and Resorts each area has to offer. Staying with ethnic minority families and enjoying amazing spreads of mouthwatering Vietnamese cuisine each evening.

Motorbike Adventures Vietnam Tours Rice Mu Cang Chai

Breathtaking Scenery

Throughout Vietnam the scenery is breathtaking, changing each day as we ride through the country. From Mountains, huge limestone Karst, rice terraces and tea plantations to jungles and miles of white sandy beaches. Not to mention the waterfalls, lakes and rivers we'll dive into to cool off along the way.

At Motorbike Adventures Vietnam you can expect your guide will speak English and Vietnamese ensuring you understand where you are and the history, culture and delights we taste along the way.  

Through years of touring, we’ve discovered remote regions and venture along border regions skirting the Chinese, Laos and Cambodian borders an adventure very few visitors to Vietnam get to experience.

On our tours we’ll stay at some of the best accommodation in each area, staying with ethnic minority families in their Vietnamese stilt houses which are always an absolute favourite with everyone or Hotels and Resorts.  All accommodations are modern with good facilities, mosquito nets where required, connections and charge points.

Our tours can be tailor made to meet your requirements and can be changed along the way at a moment’s notice, depending on what you are enjoying the most.  We have Minsk, Honda XR150’s, CBR250’s & CB500’s to choose from.

Our focus at Motorbike Adventures Vietnam is to give you the greatest possible adventure whilst ensuring safety along the way and having a low impact in the areas we ride.