Ever since Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey told the story of warrior Odysseus’ ten-year journey home from Troy, odyssey has meant any Epic Journey.

Map of the Odyssey adventure by Odysseus


Of all the modes of transport, a journey by motorbike is like no other.  Total freedom to roam and explore territories few other travelers have been.  Touring by bike not only gives you the option to stop where and when you like and for as long as you like but also leaves you open to the elements and puts you in touch with your surroundings.  The smell of the crops, flowers or cooking, the sound of mountain tribes singing as they work or the laughter of children at play in a waterfall and to feel the sun on your face and the coolness of the rain as a storm passes over head.  

With the ability to explore isolated regions on buffalo trails and small mountain passes, through jungles and along sandy beach paths, travelling back in time to see crops cultivated by hand, medieval tools still in use today and marvel at houses built of bamboo and straw the bike truly is king.

Vietnam is with good reason right now one of the most sought after countries to ride a motorbike.   This will not only be a Odyssey through Vietnam but a journey within as you forget the fast hectic pace of modern life.  An opportunity not only to have an adventure of a life time, but to reflect and consider your own journey through life.

We only use guides who speak English and Vietnamese, so each day, where you are, the culture, tribal communities we travel through, the foods, flora, fauna and the history of the area can be explained or we can speak with locals to inquire on your behalf or simply for fun interactions.

Our routes are built for each tour, taking into account skills, preferences, climate, crop seasons, market days and how long you’d like to travel for.  We can also just see how things go and change our route depending on what you are enjoying the most.  We will visit some similar places on different rides and stay in the some of the same accommodation but this is because, they are sights or areas that simply cannot be missed, the best hotels in town or a Vietnamese family who have become friends over the years and who treat us like family.

Days with less hours in the saddle are easy to arrange to allow for those wishing to spend more time behind the lens or for those of you simply seeking a more leisurely pace to take in everything around you.  For those looking for a more challenging adventure, days on tracks, mountain  passes, big river crossings and lots of mud then Vietnam is the perfect place with very few restrictions on where we can go.

We can also provide advice and assist with other tours, accommodation, flights etc, outside of the tour with MAV.  And of course advise on when best to visit, depending on where you are coming from, what you’d like like to see and the best time to come.